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Latest installment in the Armaverse

Stay tuned
In the meantime, I may as well take some requests.

Just if I don't get to your request, I do apologize.
So quick question for guys, what would you like me to do in terms of projects?
And its objects for servants
Got something to ask. Since my take on the Beast has servants what would you like?

Objects - 3
Animals - 3

The one to get the most votes will be offical
Details for the new stuff

- Red Bamboo
- Mechani-Kong
- Second Gaw
- Primal Stones
- And other supernatural stuff for Skull Island

And if you watched Kong the Animated Series while growing up, I taken some inspiration from that series
Dino Fury will be brought back..... but its future is uncertain.
Due to personal issues, Power Rangers Dino Fury is scrapped and will never be completed...
And I been thinking.

Given the Dinosauria voice casting thing, and I been thinking, the series has so many episodes oh boy. So why not King Kong, mainly my two stories?

As for DeviantART

my take on Beauty and the Beast, and possibly finish my take on the Jungle Book

Ultraman Warrior of the Stars

Gamera story

Oh quite a lot.
Given this has been on hold for a bit too long, may as well get back onto it.

A while back like 2015, twoworldsonekingdom had the idea of bringing Dinosauria to life, well I think its about time I get the project off the ground

And maybe get it onto YouTube, if the copyright patrol gets it the way, probably onto Google Plus
May end it

No surprise
So out of all my incarnations of the Big G, what would be considered your favorite?

Now given this one has been on and off, and thinking in looking into the alien prequels for some inspiration and for a different origin for the Xenorah kaiju, basically something like the Deacon and the Neomorph from the new Alien Convenant and then resulting in the Xenorah we know now

And while going with Gigan's origin story

Share your thoughts in the comments
And may as well get back onto the contests

Godzilla vs Shin won't get a contest, as its pretty short


7 entries any who

Deadline end of the month
5 Spider-Jameson
Although knowing him for some time, his art style is really good, yet made some improvements

4 EliteRaptor2015
An Australian Jurassic Park fan, his art is in a cartoony fashion in contrast to his JP fanfic, Elite Raptors. Art on the cartoonish side.

3 JPfan101
Knowing this artist, he has done amazing artwork, although some work is reusing anime pics in some, but counting the original art here.

2 Daizua123
Perhaps an artist I known for quite sometime, and inspired me to be apart of DeviantART, his work evolves to this day, and still rocks

Honorable mentions
TeamDinosauria21 EH1994 Ltdtaylor1970 Rexander134 

Perhaps one of the best artists I ever met, her artstyle is very much like an anime, from shading and detail

All five are recommended, so go check them out, be nice, and who knows may gain a new friend.
Just actual anime, and not American made stuff......
Also I'll accept either points, or free if your low on points

As I got an art block, until I get a project boost

Just don't overwhelm me
And starting now.

Plot - In the year of 2056, and a new threat has awakened after a nuclear fallout in the South Pacific, a corrupted government uses its own people to keep the monster away from the city using shelters which are actually feeding stations, and Eric Bowen Lee, a survivor of one such attack made it out of the shelter alive, but now all alone. But fate comes around to take him into the right direction, and against Godzilla
With a lack other entries may end the contest early

1st place Mechagodzilla JPfan101 Godzilla Daizua123 Destoroyah Daizua123 
2nd place Godzilla JPfan101 Destoroyah JPfan101 Mechagodzilla Daizua123
3rd place ethan2509

As for why contest ends early, just really want to get the Akuma series started